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Eymard Writings Archive

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The Eymard Legacy - Essay -Saint Peter Julian Eymard (1811-1868): The legacy and its transmission, Anthony McSweeney, SSS





Selected Listings:

Month of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament
– SPJE Archive

The Divine Eucharist

The Real Presence Eucharistic Meditations by Saint Peter Julian Eymard
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Commentary on the Rule of Life

Australian Catholic Truth Society -Eucharistic Adoration

My Eucharistic Day (1954)
Rules and practices recommended by

Blessed Peter Julian Eymard – online provided by Catholic Culture

General Introduction to Saint Peter Julian Eymard' His Life and



Spirit - The Life and Letters of Saint Peter Julian

The Life & Letters of Saint Peter Julian Eymard
- Hard copies

Translated and arranged chronologically by Sister Catherine Marie Caron, SSS -

Volume 1- The Early Years (1828 -1852)

Volume 2 - The Transition Years 1853-1857

Volume 3 - The Eucharistic Family 1858-1861

Volume 4 - The New Horizons 1862-1864

Volume 5 - The Plowman 1865-1866

Volume 6 - Through the Tempest 1867-1868

God Is Merciful
– You can plunge into that ocean of mercy and compassionate love! Saint Peter Julian Eymard, Selected texts by Fr. Manuel Barbier, S.S.S. - Year of Mercy 2015-2016 Meditation from the Complete Works

Counsels for Spiritual Life
– selected from Saint Peter Julian's correspondence by Fathers Fiorenzo Salvi and Giovanni Moretti Manuel Barbiero and Andre Guitton, SSS - Introduction... [Out of print]

A Thought for Everyday – Saint Peter Julian Eymard – selected Texts Chosen by Sister Suzanne Alywin, SSS – Thoughts taken form Complete Works

Tomorrow Will Be Too Late – Fr. Norman Pelletier, SSS -

In God's Time – History of the Congregation – Fr. Norman Pelletier, SSS

“MAY GOD BE PRAISED!” - The Eucharistic Life According to Saint Peter Julian Eymard The Apostle of the Eucharist

A Year with Fr. Eymard – Fr. Erasto Fernandez, SSS

Praise God In His Holy Place – Psalms and Canticles of Scripture for Eucharistic Adoration by Bernard J. Camire, S.S.S.

Let Us Love the Most Blessed Sacrament by Saint Peter Julian Eymard
- EWTN Library

Writings of Saint Peter Julian Eymard to Servant Sisters - Cenacle of the Servant Sisters

Saint Peter Julian Eymard – Center of Eucharisticia -pdf

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