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Formators Session Presentations

    Slide Presentation compiled by Fathers Jo Dirks & Anthony McSweeney, sss

      First Edition Formation Sessions Power Point ~ Associate Cesar Camacho 

- Opening Meeting
                          - Life and Mission

                          - Apostle to the Eucharist
                           - Historical Development

                           - Lay Vocational Call
                           - Evangelizing & Mission

                           - Eucharist Life Center

                           - Table of the Word

                           - Liturgy of the Eucharist

                           - Liturgy of the Hours

                           - Prayer /Eucharist
                           - Covenant Commitment


Initial Formation ~ Session VI
Saint Paul Catholic Church

       In Section VI, we look at Evangelizing and Mission and how that coincides with an Associate vocational call. In the Opening prayer, we are reminded of our Call to Follow the steps of Christ. At the Table of the Word, the celebration of the Eucharist the readings begin to take root in our hearts and lives. The mysteries of the Cross and Paschal Mystery are intertwined and we are united on the cross with Jesus through His death and resurrection in which we give praise and glory to Him.


     Peter Julian Eymard studied Scripture and favored the readings of Saint Paul who may have possibly measured his life to Paul’s sufferings where he found solace and strength to continue his own mission. In the words of Peter Julian Eymard, “Be the apostle of the divine Eucharist, like a flame which enlightens and warms, like the Angel of his heart who will go to proclaim him to those who don’t know him and will encourage those who love him who are suffering.”   
     God prepares the unprepared, so never feel inadequate in your missionary work; remember because of our human weaknesses we travel a constant journey of reconciliation, conversion, and formation. While the road may seem rocky at times, remember it is a passage to greater things to come for those who believe and persevere.


     Saint Peter Julian Eymard spoke of his Vow of Personality in which he consecrated his life to God and humanity, as his Gift of Self. On your spiritual journey, you are now discerning the importance of the call of your Baptism. It is most likely that by choosing to follow in the footsteps of Christ and furthering your spiritual enrichment you are seeking to bring harmony to your life that aligns itself with your soul. Is this a conscious or unconscious decision? It is often a slow transformation in which we choose to put that higher calling in life above our self or material importance.  
Eucharistic people choose to spread the Good News in making known the love of God in the Eucharist, the love that begins to take us over. For some it is a well thought out process for some of us it is a gradual softening of the heart. Saint Peter Julian Eymard was born with the missionary spirit, deep love of the Eucharist and concern for others.

     As Catholics, this awakening is the love of Eucharistic Jesus in which our hearts communion and unity with him which brings us close to others.   Saint Augustine calls that yearning a restless heart that seeks the Lord. This love beckons us to share with all our brothers and sisters, the  family of Christ, this transforming power of the Kingdom to come. We speak out of Eucharistic love to bring all in unity because of the joy of our soul which has been reincarnated and owes itself to God alone. The Good News permeates our lives and is 
something much bigger than ourselves and is much more glorious than we can imagine. Jesus is more than our Rabbi and Saint Peter Julian Eymard is worth a good study! 
Blessings on your vocational discernment, Gloria























Prince of Peace Kids of San Antonio, Texas


"We welcome Christ's command to the apostles and like them, we proclaim the Gospel and give witness to it with our lives. We invite all people to that communion with God which we celebrate in the Eucharist. We collaborate with men and women of good will towards the building of a world of justice and solidarity." Rule of life for Associates

                                                                                                     (ROLA # 12a)

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