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Prayer for the Gift of Self






Holy Father,
May the love you manifested in Jesus Christ
and which we celebrate in the Eucharist
move us to respond to your gift with the gift of ourselves.

Make us live the Paschal Mystery.
To interiorize it in prayer
and share with others the Life that springs from It.

Assist us each day to respond to the call of Jesus, Your Son,
who invites us to leave everything and follow him
along the evangelical path traced out in our Rule of Life.

May the Holy Spirit guide us
together with the community of brothers and sisters, to search for you
and to be inspired by the Gospels, at each step.

In your ever faithful love
and trusting in the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God,
and of St. Peter Julian Eymard,
we ask you, Lord, that we may persevere all our life
with the gift of ourselves in the service of Christ
and our brothers and sisters.

Grant that we may construct a world founded on justice and love
that the reign of Christ may come and your glory revealed to the world.


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